What our Customers say...


Happy with the cleaning of the crew. They didn't play music too loud, were quiet in the morning, and swept the driveway each day.

Excellent job!

Very Grateful for SERVPRO. What an efficient and thorough job you all did on our behalf. Most important, we did not feel taken advantage of financially during this time of need and vulnerability. Much appreciated!

Restoration workers were wonderful. They immediately started to work and completed the work in a very timely manner. They were also really friendly and helpful.

SERVPRO of Cheshire County got right back to us when we needed water damage remediation in Keene. Their Rep was prompt and professional and gave us excellent advice on how to deal with the problems we had with sewage and water damage. Highly recommended.

These people were absolutely fantastic! The SERVPRO ladies were awesome and helped with everything! Can't tell you how happy I am with all of you!

The team at SERVPRO of Cheshire County recently came to our rescue when we had a significant water problem at one of our offices in Keene - which resulted in 2-3 inches of water covering the office floors. They were extremely efficient in removing the water, getting everything dried out and helping get the repairs underway. We are grateful to the team at SERVPRO for their prompt and professional service!

Gary and the crew at SERVPRO did an amazing job deep cleaning our basement. After one day, an area we once dreaded entering became a welcoming and fresh smelling part of our home. A month later it still smells minty clean! Would definitely recommend them...they went above and beyond!

Thank you SERVPRO of Cheshire County! Called Monday morning, process was explained and completed on Tuesday! Prompt, professional service!

I was very impressed with how awesome everything turned out. Thank you so much for everything.

All four were courteous, very helpful, answered all my questions and cleanup up after themselves. All wore PPE according to COVID-19 protocol AND biohazard cleanup. The ONLY reason SERVPRO is not getting all "10's" is this: if they are excellent now, where would there be room for improvement?

True professionals.

No recommendations needed to improve this team's performance. The did an amazing job! Great work! The basement was cleaned of all traces of mice. Thank you!

We appreciate the timely & professional response and speedy remediation particularly during a holiday week!

Everything was fantastic. You have a great team.

Don't have any recommendations for improvement as they all did a terrific job. Very pleased with the outcome. Would recommend them all very highly. They do an outstanding job. Marvelous, amazing job.

Well orchestrated job performance. Apparent good "team" approach to the job at hand. Thank you all.

Pam and Lexi are wonderful you should be proud to have them working for you, job gets done and they work together very well. My house looks and smells wonderful.

Gary Ruotsala was very helpful and responsive throughout the entire process, from coming out to evaluate the job and make an estimate, to accompanying the workers to the job site and explaining what we needed doing.  He was also accommodating in altering the original scope of the work due to a changed situation at the home.  The two workers got busy immediately – they appeared to have enormous energy and all of the right equipment.  They finished at around 2 pm and my brother Bruce and I went down to the basement to look – the transformation was amazing!  Bruce was especially impressed with their having moved all of the furniture and building materials (some of it quite heavy) over to the sides of the room.  All in all, an excellent and thorough job. I would definitely give SERVPRO a 5-star review.  And if we need more work done, we will definitely call again.

This experience was FAR better than past jobs. The team was practically perfect in every way! Each part of the project was handled with the utmost care, and I greatly enjoyed working through things, knowing my opinion mattered, and my concerns were heard. Thank you for all of your help! :) 

SERVPRO’s team and expertise was beyond what our family could have asked for! From initial conversations and arranging a time to an immediate follow up to confirm we were satisfied, we couldn’t have asked for more. Everyone involved was professional, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. We highly recommend them! 5 Stars!

I bought a 140 year old house and the basement had been super neglected from decades of multiple rental tenants who obviously did not care. The place was littered with various assorted junk, old plumbing pieces, dirt everywhere, leftover boxes of lord knows what, old pieces of furniture, weird alien looking “3D-Growth” in some places and the entire area was covered in creepy thick spider webs. After calling for help, I was privileged enough to meet Tess, Gary, Lexi, and Pam of the SERVPRO team. Each exhibited very strong professionalism, creative problem solving skills and exemplary teamwork during every step of the process. They not only got the job done completely, but also on time and under budget. Lexi and Pam even got down on their hands and knees to mop my floors old school style on their way out. How amazing is that? The basement is once again functional, tidy, and rejuvenated. Needles to say, I am a very pleased customer. Many thanks!

I had a hot water tank burst open and it put a large amount of water in our basement. This happened on May 29th, 2020 at about 3:30. Our plumber said to call you. I did at about 4:00pm and by about 7:00pm you were here with a crew and several trucks. Gary Ruotsala explained to me what they were doing. It was amazing to see how quickly they had the water out and set up several fans and humidifiers that they kept running for several days. They came and checked every day. Then a crew showed up and cut out parts of walls and took up carpets and made the place ready for a construction company to come in and finish the job. 

All of the people who worked here were very polite and friendly. They all worked together as a team. I would highly recommend this company and want to thank Gary for making sure everything went as smoothly as it did.

Thank you all so much for your patience with my elderly mother. 10/10.

They did a WONDERFUL job of cleaning our little library (Harrisville Public) from top to bottom, while we were closed due to the pandemic. I highly recommend them!

I was most happy with the two people who did my carpets.  They are the hardest people I have ever seen working.  Great Job!

We had some damage to our house in a storm a couple of weeks ago. Spoke with SERVPRO the next day to help with water damage and removal. They had someone out next day to access the job. The day after that they had a team out there removing and setting up fans. With in three days we had all the damage parts of our property exposed and drying out with there fans. Their team were top notch and took ever precaution to seal off non damaged parts of the house. We could not have had a better experience.

5 Stars!

We hired SERVPRO to clean out our air ducts in the house we just bought and it went great! The people they sent out were super friendly and shared all sorts of great tips to help us try to get the cigarette smoke smell out of the house. They were prompt and hard working and I'm so glad that we hired them!

Had them out yesterday to clean a carpet that was stained and generally dirty. Probably hadn’t been deep cleaned in over 20 years.

They were here about an hour and I can’t say enough good things.

The carpet looks great!

The level of response and exceptional customer service makes them a top notch company for us in Cheshire County. A big thanks to Derek Paul as caring member of our community.

I was extremely pleased with the cleaning done at my new home! I have had many, many losses recently--including my husband, dog, and entire house & contents due to a fire!! So, when the SERVPRO team cleaned my new house in Keene, I just loved the shine and soapy smell! I was a cleaning person for many years and I know a good job when I see one! I also know the Paul family and wish to thank them for their kindness, caring, and help during a most difficult time for me. They have helped tremendously to make me happy!!

Great team! Moved items that were quite heavy.

"Excellent crew and all around great working experience"

"The ladies were wonderful and did an amazing job cleaning. They were so friendly and I would have them in my house again if I ever needed it. Thank you all so much for a great job"

Great job at my house! I moved into an old country house that hadn't been thoroughly cleaned in 15 years, and I was finding the idea of getting the place clean overwhelming. SERVPRO came and gave it a top-to-bottom clean over several days, and the place looks amazing. Had my heating ducts cleaned as well. Jacob is extremely pleasant, and I appreciated the additional organization of all the random junk that was lying around my house. My place is simply more pleasant to live in now.

We had a septic backup in our basement in October 2019. We were like deer in the headlights. No idea where to turn or what to do. One simple phone call to SERVPRO and it was like a weight lifted off our shoulders. They came in, gave us our options and explained what they would do. The very next day they were at our house cleaning up the mess. Our basement looks brand new. I can't thank Jake and the rest of staff enough for their patience, knowledge and hard work. Truly the bright spot in a miserable situation. Thanks again!

"Awesome and excellent job. Thanks."

"The staff was very professional and courteous. Thank you!"

Great response time and what a great team.

"Very attentive to getting back to me on any questions I had."

"Outstanding communication and work"

"Thanks to all the personnel. (Excellent Job)"

"Professional, patient, compassionate and thorough. Would use service again."

"thanks for making this bad experience manageable"

"The team did a superb job! Thank you very much!"

None/Slogan- "Like it never even happened." Perfect!!!

"If life hits you hard and you need some help cleaning up SERVPRO of Cheshire County did a great job for us after our house fire."

I can't imagine making the service better than it is.

"I would definitely recommend SERVPRO!"

The crew was awesome! Explained everything and went above and beyond what we expected.

Will not hesitate to recommend to other family member & friends!  We were elated that we could be scheduled in so quickly. Thank you!

P.S. Thank you also Gary for your professionalism prior to work being initiated.

SERVPRO was amazing! The team who worked on my home was fantastic. They worked very hard and did a wonderful job!

From my initial phone call to the job being completed, everything about my experience with SERVPRO was extremely professional. The floor looks brand new; totally thrilled with the job. I believe this was my first job with SERVPRO; it certainly won’t be my last. I’d be very proud to have them representing my business. Keep up the good work!

At a time that my life was turned upside down the SERVPRO professionals made life a little easier. I will not hesitate to use them in the future.

"We want to thank you for your hard work here at the house.

It is great to walk in knowing everything is clean and bright. The house smells great and everything sparkles."

Wonderful group to work with, courteous, very friendly, tremendously pleased with their work.

"The most thorough cleaning ever, thank you!"

Feel you have a "well-oiled" machine.

Great Job!

Our experience has been terrific!

Thank you for sending the "A" team!

Lexi, thank you for all of your hard work. It is really appreciated. Good luck with everything!

Hope all the staff (labor) gets paid extremely well. They worked very hard to make my place clean! Thank you!

They were professional and efficient. Jake, Josh and Mike were excellent. The onsite manager, Josh, was first rate.

Very cooperative and efficient crew. We are very grateful. Jacob Dickinson was at our home within an hour of our initial call. Crew was on the job the next morning. Jacob followed up to make sure everything was going smoothly. 

The guys were friendly professional and great to deal with.

To all that served Red River, Thank you for your diligence. We appreciate your hard work. It looks great! Nice work! Sincerely, Lorna Rae (Commercial carpet cleaning)

Dear Mr. Paul You are to be commended for having such a fine crew who do outstanding work. It has been a pleasure to do business with our company starting with the prompt response you made and culminating with the cleanliness of my home. Your crew of Sherry, Julie and company are excellent workers. They arrive on time, are well dressed and groomed. They are extremely helpful and are very considerate. I would and will recommend your firm to anyone needing your services. Sincerely, Robert

Your staff was professional, thorough and did an excellent job! They were great!


Richard, It has been a pleasure SERVPRO of Keene in our home this week. They were able to turn an unfortunate situation into a very positive one. Your employees impressed me with their thoroughness and commitment to your company. It says a lot for SERVPRO that you have such outstanding people working for you. Kind regards, Staci

Dear Richard, Every single employee of yours that worked on our house demonstrated the highest level of customer service and empathy, while still being efficient and getting the work done quickly. All of your staff was fantastic, great to work with, sensitive to the fact that our house had been badly damaged and needed a major renovation, but simultaneously cognizant of getting the job done as quickly as possible.

Richard, Around 8 PM the night before the carpet was to be installed in the lower level, we had a horrific rainstorm. The basement got wet and we panicked. I called SERVPRO of Keene and spoke with your son. He gave good advice, the water was manageable and we cleaned it up. About 1/2 hour later, we got another call from one of the brothers who saw our name on the emergency call list and wanted to be sure we were ok. It was 9 PM. What an example of exemplary customer service!

During a difficult time following a puff back which went through our entire house, SERVPRO was a blessing!! Very professional yet fun to have in the house!! This is a team that is efficient and courteous!! We could not have been happier with the this company!!

The women performing cleaning of our home were very professional and courteous.

Wow! Outstanding service. We're in the service business too and know how hard it is to perform at this level.

Steve and I can't thank you enough for coming to our rescue so quickly the other night. Your employees were kind, courteous and helpful. It was also nice to see a few familiar faces too! Thanks again for all that you did as it made us feel less stressed about things. I won't hesitate to call you again if the need arises in the future!

To All the Folks at SERVPRO, Thank you for your quick response to our basement water problem. Your crew was professional and thorough in completing the job, and it was done carefully with minimum disruption to our house. It really does look better than it did before the incident.

We were impressed right from the start. Derek's coming out after 9pm on the day-night the water damage was discovered was not only helpful but put everything into perspective. Jake and his crew: Tyler, Shane, Ian all have been incredibly efficient and hard working. We Thank you All!

Everyone was wonderful! Ryan was extremely professional and informative all along the way. Am sharing positive thoughts and comments with everyone I see!

Thank you to Pam who was here all week and was very attentive and a very hard worker! A true asset to your company!

I hope we never have to use you again, but if we have to we are confident of the level of service we are getting.

Thank you so much for your patience, life has been running along much faster than I. Your service was superb and I am most grateful for all that was so knowledgably done. I will certainly hope to have you in the future if need be. And I will highly recommend you to my friends.

The men worked very hard. We are very pleased!!

I hope we never have to use you again but if we have to we are confident of the level of service we are getting

Everything that was done exceeded my expectations!

Speedy & Excellent Service!!

Jake, Jon and DJ were wonderful, Couldn't have asked for a better experience!

Everyone was very nice, clean and helpful.

I am grateful for the consideraton the staff gave to me. They were courteous and respectful. Thank you.

In addition to being prompt, courteous and knowledgeable, we felt the staff was respectful and hard-working. They used their time well.

Love the SERVPRO crew!

This project after water loss has a nightmare due to contractor and insurance issues. SERVPRO has been the one constant positive in this and probably saved my sanity. They were polite, fast, kind, patient and responsive. I would recommend them to anyone. Chis is an asset to your company and has my sincere thanks.