Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Water Mitigation: Floor Removal

This set of before and after photos comes from a recent water mitigation project. Our team carefully removed this wood flooring and underlayment as it neighbore... READ MORE

Kitchen Demo due to Water Damage

A kitchen needed to be demoed after a large tree that fell on the outside of the house caused water damage.

Water Damage in a NH basement

This basement had some water damage due to a large tree falling on part of the home. The water that caused the damage came from the kitchen upstairs. READ MORE

Water Damage cleanup in Keene, NH

A ceiling had to be completely torn down due to water damage.

Bathroom Demo

This bathroom in Keene, NH was completely gutted due to water damage.

Water Damage cleanup

A broken pipe from a dishwasher caused 2 floor water damage to this home in Vermont. The kitchen and the room directly below it had to be stripped.

Water Damage cleanup in Keene, NH

A burst pipe caused water damage on 3 floors of this home in Keene, NH. SERVPRO of Cheshire County provides 24/7 emergency service for any catastrophes that you... READ MORE

Water Damage cleanup in Keene, NH

This flooded basement in NH was the result of a broken pipe. All of the carpet was taken out, and even a few feet of the dry wall was cut due to the water damag... READ MORE

Kitchen Appliance Malfunction Causes Water Damage in Finished Basement Below

Recently, SERVPRO of Cheshire County was called to a home in Southwestern NH to take care of a basement which had experienced water damage after the dishwasher ... READ MORE

Dishwasher Malfunction Floods Kitchen in South Western NH

This kitchen needed SERVPRO of Cheshire County's attention after the dishwasher malfunctioned and water saturated the cabinets and floor. The affected cabinets ... READ MORE

Water Damage Prevention in Rindge

SERVPRO offers a tip for homeowners in Rindge. As the cold season approaches, always check your fireplace, flue, dampener, and chimney for proper functionality.... READ MORE

Water Damage Restoration and Recovery in Keene

A local real estate office called us requesting an emergency service on behalf of the landlord. The broken water pipe went undetected in this vacant Keene renta... READ MORE

Water Damage Repair In Keene

SERVPRO of Cheshire County is a leader in the water restoration industry. We have a team of highly trained and certified water restoration technicians that are ... READ MORE

Water Damage – Keene Office Building

Water damage at this Keene office building was held to a minimum thanks to the fast action of the building management in calling SERVPRO of Cheshire County. We ... READ MORE

Frozen Pipes and a Water Damaged Keene House

Pictured here is the appearance of the laundry room in this Keene home after frozen pipes burst in several different locations. This vacant property was a total... READ MORE

Basement Water Damage

If we could predict when an emergency was going to occur, the world would be a much simpler place. We could prevent fires from starting, crimes from taking plac... READ MORE

Garage Water Damage

As we enter into the Winter season, we can certain of three things here in the northeast: holiday parties, treacherous driving conditions, and significantly dro... READ MORE

Flooded Basement in Stratton, VT

This water damage in Stratton, VT was caused by a well pump that malfunctioned and ran continuously for hours. The water ran for so long that it drained the ent... READ MORE